In 1901, Ferdinand Gottinger laid the foundation for the F. Gottinger Orthopädietechnik GmbH with the founding of an orthopedic technology master workshop. Initially, the focus was on the prosthetics, from 1993 Norbert Günther established orthotics with a focus on pediatric orthopedics. Today we have more than 60 employees at four locations in Germany.
What sets us apart and pervades all areas of the company is our close collaboration with doctors, therapists and patients. We take the wishes of patients as seriously as the requirements of the doctors, because only a supply that is both functional and comfortable, is often worn and ultimately fulfills its purpose.

Furthermore, we have made a name for ourselves with research and tenacity even in difficult cases in the industry. We like to test new construction methods and materials, develop joint systems and use new manufacturing processes. The goal is always the ideal treatmetn for the patient. The trusting relationship with clinics, doctors and therapists as well as many years of loyalty to our customers confirm that we are continuing on this path.

Quality management

ISO certification

First-class quality is critical in producing sensitive products for physically challenged people. In order to ensure this on a permanent basis, apart from the daily care, different quality controls are required. Thus, the ISO certifications not only serve as a proof of quality, but are also the prerequisite for close cooperation with health insurance companies. As an ISO-certified company, Gottinger is regularly audited externally. Among other things, this requires complete document management, which guarantees fast access to every demand.

In addition, product quality plays an important role at Gottinger. Consistent research enables the development and production of high quality and advanced products.

More than 20 patents in the last ten years alone confirm the high innovative strength of the orthopedic specialist. Among other things, Gottinger repeatedly tests new materials. The large selection of user-friendly materials offers the right solution for a wide variety of patient requirements. Gottinger's products are convincing due to their accuracy of fit. Instead of standard models from the drawer, the model is predominantly modeled and manufactured exactly to the individual dimensions of the patient.

F. Gottinger Orthopädietechnik GmbH: Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001:2015