For our employees in the field of orthopedic shoe technology it is most important to treat their patient with in an empathetic and profound way.

We advise you comprehensively and supply you according to your prescription or clinical picture and your wishes with individual insoles, diabetic foot bedding and shoe adjustments.

Orthopaedic insoles

Classic insoles

Based on the doctor's prescription, our technician first clarifies in a detailed patient consultation which type of insole and materials are ideal for correcting the deformity and which fits your usual activities and footwear. The foot is palpated, that means the position of the foot, flexibility, possible pressure points, etc. are considered in detail. This provides the technician with the information necessary to achieve an optimal result with the right insert. Depending on your prescription, the treatment goal and the cost range, different types of insoles are available.

For classic insoles, after palpation an impression is taken from the foot, which is scanned on the computer. Based on this data, a standard insole form is adjusted to the patient's foot. We can also manufacture insoles individually on our in-house CNC milling machine. Read more in the next tab under 'Individually milled insoles'.

Individually milled insoles

In addition to the standard insoles, we also offer the production of individually milled insoles made of soft cushioning material or cork leather, which we manufacture with our in-house CNC 5-axis milling machine. Due to the millimeter-precise production and the possibility to take all anatomical conditions into account, these insoles lead to an even better care result. You are also welcome to bring your own shoes, so that we can optimally fit the insoles. We save the data of the footprint as well as the shape of the original insole of the shoe. Via the CAD program, the footprint and the shape of the shoe insole are placed on top of one another and we adjust them to each another. This ensures that the insole does not slip in the shoe, which would cause the desired correction to be lost. When picking up the shoe and the new insoles, we check the fit of the insole in the shoe. Should adjustments be necessary after a short period of familiarization, you can make an appointment at one of our branches at any time.


Sensomotoric insoles

Sensomotoric or proprioceptive insoles can be used to specifically stimulate small muscle groups through pressure pads. The sensory impulses support the biomechanics of the body and should thus specifically increase or decrease muscle tension in order to better straighten the body. Typical treatment areas for this type of insole are, for example, paralysis or spasticity, rotational misalignments of the legs, foot deformities such as pointed, lowered, kinky or clubfoot, toe deformities and much more.

After palpating the foot, the movement pattern is analysed in a short walk test to evaluate which muscle groups are working too hard. The development of the gait pattern is checked after a running-in phase and the insole is adjusted if necessary.


Diabetic foot bedding

Diabetic foot syndrome, also called diabetic foot, is a common complication of diabetes mellitus. The reason for this is either damage to the nerves, which affects the sensation of pain, or damage to the blood vessels, which leads to circulatory disorders. Diabetes can also affect sweat production, making the skin dry, cracked and prone to injury.

Because of the disturbed sensations of pain and touch as well as changes in the movement, diabetics often do not notice small injuries to the feet, which can cause pressure points and wounds. Therefore, diabetics are advised to examine the feet thoroughly for changes.

Our technician measures the foot with electronic pressure measurement in order to achieve ideal relief for the foot. For this, insoles are made with special padding for pressure relief. In an advanced stage of the disease, ready-made orthopedic shoes can be individually adjusted.

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Orthopaedic adjustment of shoes