Welcome to the F. Gottinger
Orthopädietechnik GmbH

Gottinger is supplying patients with products and services in the fields of orthotics, prosthetics, orthopedic shoe technology and medical supplies in Zorneding, Berlin, Aschau im Chiemgau, Mainz and in the greater Munich area. We have made a name for ourselves with innovations and product developments especially in the field of pediatric orthopedic technology and today we stand for the highest quality and a special customer proximity.

Our special fields


The goal of Gottinger orthotics is to enable a normal everyday life with more mobility and independence and thus more quality of life for our patients. We have been pursuing this goal for over 120 years. We focus on neurological conditions, such as Spina bifida, ICP and polio. The spectrum of our high-quality orthoses ranges from foot, lower leg and thigh orthoses to hip orthoses. We manufacture corsets, positioning orthoses, helmets and hand splints.

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Our prosthetists have all the technical options they need to select the ideal care for each patients. Thanks to our in-house 5-axis CNC milling machine, we are able to make a perfect duplicate of optimally fitting sockets. We are using state-of-the-art joints from all well-known manufacturers and we are providing our patients with individually designed bath prostheses using 3D printing technology. Above all this, our strength is to build optimally fitting sockets. To our patients however, most important is our warm and competent support, the high level of craftsmanship and the experience that enables the technicians to tackle difficult prosthesis in a problem-oriented and creative way.

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Besides classic insoles, we make customized milled insoles as well as sensorimotor insoles. Our employees take their time to palpate your foot. You are welcome to bring your shoes, so that we can fit the insoles exactly in the shoe.

In addition to insoles, we provide our patients with individual orthopaedic shoe finishing and shoe adjustments for diabetic feet.

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Medical supply stores

In our medical supply stores in Munich Haidhausen and Zorneding you will be advised by competent and friendly staff. We have compression specialists for all venous and lymphatic diseases. We also help you in regards of breast prosthetics, insoles, rhizarthrosis, bandages and orthoses as well as all further medical supply products.

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Splint systems for technicians

Gottinger develops innovative joint systems and carbon springs for paralysis orthoses. These can be procured directly from us by orthopedic technology companies or we do third-party production of entire orthoses. In our online shop, all joints are precisely described and the configurator helps with the patient-specific selection and combination of the joints.

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Online Shops

Joint systems for orthoses

In our Gottinger online shop we sell joints and carbon springs for orthoses in unilateral construction to orthopedic technicians and dealers.

Medical supply goods

In Gottinger's Sanivita Online Shop, you can conveniently get information about all standard medical supply items and order them directly to your home.