Quality from Orthotist Masters

Our experience and product developments are reflected in the accuracy of fit and quality of our orthoses and prostheses. These criteria are the most important prerequisites for successful third-party production. We take over the production for our customers, who do not have the necessary machines and technologies on site or who do not have the desired routine for certain treatments. We can mill any kind of models for orthoses and prostheses on our CNC milling machine. We create orthoses and prostheses in 3-D printing and ready-to-wear orthoses from the helmet to trunk and hand orthoses, to positioning orthoses and dynamic orthoses in unilateral and bilateral construction with a variety of joints.

In consultation with you we can achieve the ideal supply result based on a good plaster cast, models or scan data. Our experts are available in advance to discuss the ideal fittings, materials and the type of supply.

In your hands remain the tasks such as talking to the patient, plaster cast or scan and after the service manufacturing the fitting, completion and further care of the patient. Of course, our employees will be available to advise and assist you throughout the entire process. We also do the completion of an orthosis on request.

Service manufacturing in OrthoticsService manufacturing in orthotics

Gottinger produces dynamic and static orthoses and corsets for all neuro-orthopedic diseases.

In our Online shop you will find an overview of all supplies. If you would like to use Gottinger joints, you can directly submit your request to us using the configurator. Based on the body weight of the patient, the choice of joints and the scope of the desired model processing the price will be displayed.

Overview of our services:
  • Model creation based on a plaster cast or scan data
  • Production based on models
  • Orthoses with Gottinger joints in unilateral construction
  • Orthoses in bilateral construction or with joints from other manufacturers
  • On request completion of the orthosis



For the preparation of an offer, we need the information from the request form. This must be filled out completely. If the orthosis is to be built with parts from Gottinger, we are happy to help you on the phone selecting the right parts. You can also use our configurator in the Gottinger Online Shop to select the fitting parts according to your patient data.


If you are not using the configurator or if you have any questions, please contact us at handelshaus@gottinger.de or call +49 (0) 81 06 - 36 63 - 36.


After sending us the inquiry, you will receive an offer from us with all further information about the service manufacturing.


Taking measurements

Taking the measurements and the creation of the plaster cast will be carried out as usual in your workshop.

Please use the following forms:

If you have any questions, you can contact us in advance by phone or Email or phone +49 (0) 81 06 - 36 63 - 36.


Please send us the following anonymous documents together with your modell to us:

  • Completed order form
  • Clinical pictures and videos (if available)
  • Elastic casting resin (if desired)
  • Sketch of the edge course

The following variants are available as model sending:

  • Plaster negative: we take over the production of the plaster cast for you (no guarantee for fittinger)
  • Modeled plaster positive
  • Completely modeled CAD dataset: we mill a positive model and manufacture the orthosis on it
  • STL dataset of an unmodeled model: we take over the production of a model positive for you

We recommend to first build a test orthosis in order to check the fitting. We are happy to produce these for an additional charge.

Note: Please pack the models shatterproof!


We are producing the orthoses for you in our workshop.



We send you the orthoses when it is ready for fitting.


Fitting & finishing

Fitting and the finishing of the orthoses takes place in the contracting company.

Die Anprobe sowie die Fertigstellung der Orthese erfolgt durch das beauftragende Unternehmen. After consultation, we also gladly take over the completion after you have tried the orthosis on with your patient.

Service manufacturing in prosthetics

The M.A.S. Schaft made Gottinger a name in prosthetics. Today we stand for modern shaft technology with excellent fitting accuracy.

  • Foam models: Gottinger manufactures milled foam models with our own CNC milling machine based on completed dimension sheets as well as scanned data.
  • Test socket: Upon request, we produce test sockets based on the model.
  • Definitive socket: After completion of the test socket, Gottinger takes over the production of HTV silicone sockets as well as definitive sockets.

For an offer, please send us the completed dimension sheet to cad@gottinger.de. You are welcome to call us at +49 (0) 81 06 - 36 63 - 60.

Milling models for orthesis and prosthesis


We mill for you the models of hard and soft foam for the lower and upper extremities. Please send us the finished modeled milling data set (STL etc.). We are happy to mirror the record for you.


We mill all socket models made of hard and soft foam. Please send us either the finished modeled milling data set (STL etc.) or
for a M.A.S. socket model the fully completed order form.


Please send us an e-mail with the mentioned information to cad@gottinger.de. If you have any questions, please contact us at +49 (0) 81 06 - 36 63 - 60.